Hockey Etc New Rink

Dear CSL Parents,

As of Sunday Nov 3, we will be using a new facility in our rink rotation, Hockey Etc. The 2nd rink, referred to as the East Rink, and here are some quick points:

  • The outside parking is in front of the West Rink, there is not parking yet in front of the East rink. There is also underground parking
  • The entrance is in front of the West Rink and when u walk in, the monitor u will see (for rink info + dressing room #s) is for the West Rink. U must turn left to go to the East Rink and then u will see it’s monitor for rink and dressing room info
  • The snack bar will always be open on the weekend. For now, the restaurant won’t be
  • There are stands to watch the game from inside the East Rink. You can not watch the East Rink from the upstairs
  • If u want to work out at the gym, they have day passes for $10
  • Skate sharpening is available
  • There are lots of fancy electronics in each dressing room. We need to be very careful about what we touch and about any horseplay in the dressing room. If anything is broken or damaged, CSL is responsible for it and thus will have to charge the offending family.

It's a great facility and we’re lucky to be there. Enjoy the season there!

Matthew Cutler
Chairman of the Board - CSLMHA

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