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As some of you may have already heard, Lac St-Louis, which governs the minor hockey programs in our area, enacted new rules for the upcoming season.  These rules have forced the end of the partnership between CSL, MWH and Lachine for the Maroons double-letter hockey program. Essentially, each association is now completely independent to run their own hockey program at all levels. 


The challenge, which many associations in our region are currently facing, is to provide a competitive and balanced hockey program for our players, while respecting the Hockey Quebec rules regarding the number of teams required at each level.


Over the past few weeks, representatives from both the CSL and MWH hockey committees have met to discuss the situation.  The objective was to explore possible solutions that would address the immediate requirements for the 2018-19 season, but also be forward-looking to build a stronger program in the long term. 


It was agreed, that in order to offer a more competitive program, the two associations would merge to form the WestLuc Kings at the double-letter level, while keeping our single-letter program as community based as much as possible.

Some key points about this decision:


  • The CSL and MWH minor hockey associations will now be known as AHM WestLuc.
  • We will have approximately the same number of A/B/C teams as the previous year.
  • We will work together to ensure that all players play at the appropriate level.
  • The double-letter (AA/BB) teams will be called the WestLuc Kings.
  • The single-letter (A/B/C) teams will be the WestLuc Knights and the WestLuc Canucks.
  • All atom to midget players are invited and encouraged to tryout for the WestLuc Kings, which will only consist of CSL and MWH players.


It is important to note that these changes should have little to no impact on our members.  


  • All families will continue to register for hockey in their present community.
  • As much as possible, players will continue to play in their respective communities.  However, in order to balance team numbers as per Hockey Quebec rules, CSL and MWH may have to share players at some levels.
  • All families must be prepared to play and practice in all of the arenas and with any team within our association: Legion, Samuel Moskovitch, LCC, Bonaventure, etc…
  • Players and parents cannot request to play on a specific team.

We are still in the process of working out all the details, but we will keep everyone posted as the information becomes available.  In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact your respective hockey association should you have any questions.


We are all looking forward to an exciting 2018-19 season!


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